300 Year Old Georgian Pine floors

Our very latest project during the Covid 19 Pandemic

We won the tender for this project some 8 months ago, a Georgian Town House in Clifton, Bristol.

The house is set out over 4 floors with 12 rooms for us to work our magic.

The existing pine boards were taken up from the kitchen as the owners decided on something a bit more contemporary, we also have a wide variety of reclaimed pine boards in varying widths if a project doesn’t allow us to take from another room.

The house has had an extensive re-model carried out over the last year, with new plumbing and electrics. Everyone has their job to do but unfortunately certain trades don’t take too much care in cutting boards to reveal what they’re looking for.

My pet hate!! cut boards horizontally in a row, we always look to take up these boards and stagger the joints where possible.

Like any old property there will always be some boards that have seen better days, what with big cracks and word worm etc.

We always speak with the client at length to manage their expectations, that can be from floor board condition, Colour of boards and to see if any colour staining is required along with sheen levels to the finished floor.

Once all repairs are carried out, we set to start the sanding process.

The next step of the process

Finishing the Wooden Floor

On a floor in this condition we would generally start around a 36 Grit sandpaper and move up through the grits, part way through the sanding process we fill joints with either a flexible filler or use slithers of pine, these are glued into place and once dry, sanded level.

The sequence of the wood floor sanding is 36, 40, 60, 80 & 120 grit sandpaper. Once all the sanding is complete and we are happy we have a super smooth finish with no scratches then we proceed to put the first coat of primer down.

We finish the floors with a hard wearing quick drying lacquer in this case, we also can stain the boards to your desired finish, add a White or Grey pigment for that Scandinavian / Nordic look or even a weathered driftwood appearance. The client in this house has gone with a 20% sheen Matt finish but also comes in 10% Ultra matt and a 40% Gloss finish.

What ever finish you are looking for we have most probably already have carried out the work before, we have a vast erray of images we can show you but better still we can carry out a test area on your floor so you get exactly what you expect.

Restoration of Original Period fireplaces

An ever increasing enquiry.

Restoring original feature fireplaces in Victorian, Georgian and Regency buildings.

Most fireplaces have seen many layers of paint been added over the years, sometimes as many as 30 -40 separate layers.

Paints that were applied before the early 1970’s would almost definitely contain lead. Lead based paints are very dangerous to your health unless precautions are taken, ie chemical respirators, goggles, gloves etc etc.

1760’s Marble Hearth & Surround with feature pine mantel & Architrave

Breaking Through the layer upon layer of lead based paints

Most of our clients are willing to except that the surface underneath all these coatings have suffered from neglect more so because the previous layers will have had a detrimental effect.

1760’s Marble Hearth & Surround with feature pine mantel & Architrave

A little more paint removal

You are probably wondering what stone or wood is lurking beneath all of the layers. We were expecting a limestone hearth and surround but the client was a little shocked that we discovered this Carrara Marble. As you would expect this hearth has suffered some wear and tear, usually by previous occupiers from chopping of logs.

1760’s Marble Hearth & Surround with feature pine mantel & Architrave

The finished Product

Some intensive damage to the Marble hearth but what would you expect from 250 years of occupancy.

The marble hearth and surround has taken some abuse but the pine mantel and architrave is in tact. It’s not uncommon to scrape back some layers and find some real gems, so don’t delay, get your PPE at the ready and see what you can discover.

For more information on our services drop us a line at http://Floorcleaninggloucestershire.co.uk or email me direct at insideoutcraig@gmail.com

Limestone Surround, Pennant Flagstone Hearth and Pine Mantel.

All Finished

Limestone Surround, Pennant Flagstone Hearth and Pine Mantel