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Floor Sanding & Restoration

Wooden Floor Sanding & Finishing


Dust free Wood Floor Sanding, Oiling & Lacquering.

Wood floor sanding is a fantastic way of transforming your old wood floor boards into something worth showing off. We can transform those floors that have been covered with carpet or been painted with lead-based paints to something of beauty. We can quite simply sand and oil a pine, oak, beach, cherry and many exotic woods floors to extensive renovations of replacing boards filling all nail and screw holes, inserting slithers into all gaps between boards to stop those drafts and creepy crawlies from climbing into your room from below.

Maybe you want to change the colour of your wood floors? we have an extensive range of colours to choose from. We often rejuvenate fairly new modern engineered oak floors to remove the old worn oils and replacing with hard wearing lacquers. Our jobs range from an average residential living room or Bedroom Pine floor board or an Oak Parquet Hall up to Sanding a commercial sports hall or church flooring.

We Absolutely Guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results, so if your looking for a friendly and reliable company to restore your wood floors to their former glory then give us call or email for a free no obligation quote


Why Choose Inside Out Floor Cleaning & Restoration?

At Inside Out Cleaning & Restoration Services Ltd we pride ourselves in being able to offer a professional first-class floor cleaning, floor sanding, restoration and floor maintenance service. This provision is for all types of floors found in both domestic and commercial properties in Gloucestershire, Bath, Bristol, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Somerset,  Worcestershire and the surrounding areas – all of this from just one supplier.

Our business has naturally grown to be versatile and flexible in the services that we offer as a result of listening to our valued customer’s requirements. We offer a one Stop floor cleaning and floor restoration service for all your floor types including natural stone floor cleaning, ceramic & porcelain wood, vinyl including, Amtico, Karndean and carpets. In order to be able to offer these first-class services, we have made significant investments in the latest state of the art floor cleaning and sanding equipment and products, backed up by comprehensive training for our skilled technicians.

It is impossible to get away from the fact that first Impressions are so important. Therefore, it is key to make sure the right process, techniques and equipment are used in the restoration of your wooden flooring.

To guarantee a high quality finish key stages must be followed to ensure a long-lasting result.

Our extensive experience spans from smaller domestic jobs to large, commercial projects. Each job is approached individually and we take great pride in ensuring our clients feel valued and informed throughout the process.

It is true that each job will have its own individual challenges and intricacies, however, the stages remain the same for all projects.

We realise the importance of knowledge and we offer an open and approachable service. We genuinely enjoy the work that we complete and part of this is discussing the best ways in which to maintain your wood floors once it has been restored. Why? Because this is our area of expertise and it provides you, our client, with value for money.

If you would like to look further into our wood floor services please call today on 

01453 548152. We offer a free, no obligation survey so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation to complete the work. At any stage if you have any questions or would like anything explained, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Our 10 Step System to Wooden Floor Sanding & Restoration

  1. We make sure all nails and screws are counter sunk beneath the surface, remove all dirt and grit between all boards.

   2. Check there is no loose board and secure where necessary .

   3. We start the sanding process with our dust free belt sander if the floor is uneven we will  start at a forty five degree angle straightening up till we are happy the floor is even and any indentations are removed where possible. We will then go along the boards going up through 4 or 5 different grits of sand paper until we are happy with the finish.

4. An edger is then used to reach the areas that could not be reached with the belt sander.

5. All corners are sanded with a triangular sander.

6. An orbital sander is then used on the edges to blend the edges with the rest of the floor. 

7.  A rotary machine is then used with a multi hole pad to achieve the smoothest finish possible.

8. A primer is applied. Once dried the first coat of finish is rolled and left to dry until the next day.

9. A rotary machine is then used to key back the floor and create a smooth surface 

10. The last coat of finish is applied.

Benefits of Choosing Inside Out Cleaning & Restoration

  • We are highly qualified floor sanders
  • We use only the best available products
  • We offer dust free floor sanding
  • We look to offer an exceptional service
  • We treat our client’s properties with respect
  • We offer information and advice on wood finishes
  • We will do all we can to answer your queries comprehensively
  • Contact us today to request a free quotation

Our work is covered by our full public liability insurance including treatment risk for all of the services we provide. Our team have experience with sanding and finishing a wide range of wooden floors, including straight style boards and more complicated floors such as parquet.

We have developed our skills to an approved contractor For Pallmann Uk under their ParkettProfi accreditation.

WHY SHOULD I USE A PARKETTPROFI CONTRACTOA Parkettprofi contractor is trained and re-assessed annually to ensure that your wood floor is renovated correctly. In order to qualify as a Parkettprofi contractor both operational and managerial representatives must attend annual training and must be certified thereafter.

To ensure all work carried out by a Parkettprofi contractor meets the highest standards, Pallmann is allowed to audit at least 2 randomly selected job sites per year.

Pallmann International also provides a 2 Year Warranty on all systems for Parkettprofi contractors. for more information, please visit


Wood Floor Repairs & Finishing

After sanding and filling, we offer a wide range of finishes all of which will protect your floor and enhance its durability. 

When you need repair rather than a complete restoration, we can help. No task is too little for our team of floor professionals, and we can take care of everything from minor damage to damaged floorboards. The repair work we can finish includes;

  • Replacing damaged timber
  • Changing complete areas
  • Fitting like for like floorboards
  • General Floor Sanding
  • Extending your floor
  • Removing hearths and fireplaces

You might be stressed that your flooring is beyond repair, however we recommend that you organise a free survey from Inside Out, the Flooring Sanding Specialists to see if we can rescue your wooden floor covering. Whatever the damage, we ought to be able to offer an economical service to return your flooring to its previous glory. We also provide floor fitting services to all customers.

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