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Parquet Wood Floor Fitting

Parquet Wood Flooring Supplied and Fitted

Luxury Parquet Floor Fitting

We can supply and install all types of Parquet Wood Flooring throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Monmouthshire

Generally Parquet wood flooring would be identified by being a solid block wood floor which would be laid in a symmetrical pattern of which Herringbone was most popular. From World War 2 to the early 70’s a mosaic pattern was a popular and more economical alternative to a solid blocks available in 5 finger strips of wood.

In general Parquet flooring would be installed on the ground floor of the house like the hallway and other living spaces, Parquet flooring can be installed on any sub-floor providing the correct application is applied for the different type of substrates. So be it a hallway or the complete design and installation  we can assist and advise with every aspect.

Gunmetal Grey Herringbone

Walnut Stain Brushed Herringbone

Herringbone Brushed Invisible Oiled

Herringbone Prime AB Grade, Brushed Uv Oiled

Chevron Invisible Finish

Chevron Smoked Rock Grey