Regain that beautiful, warm effect from your original Pennant, Sandstone, Limestone Flagstone floor, let our professionals, re-surface, repoint, strip, clean, seal and re-finish your flagstone floor, to a matt, satin or wet-look finish restoring it’s natural beauty.

Do You have a Flagstone floor lurking beneath a concrete screed, carpets, or tiles? have you ever considered exposing the stone to give your home or offices that traditional look?

We are specialist in Flagstone Restoration and have carried out many projects from a small entrance hall to a castle floor.

We can source more of the same stone to carry on from an existing floor or we can just replace some badly damaged stones.

Flag stones are traditional and authentic looking, possessing warmth, charm and character.

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is split into layers along bedding planes. Flagstone is usually a form of sandstone composed of feldspar and quartz.

Material that binds flagstone are usually composed of silica, calcite, or iron oxide. The rock colour usually comes from these cementing materials. Typical flagstone colours are red, blue, and buff.

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Pennant Flagstone resurfacing & Restoration
Pennant Flagstone resurfacing & Restoration