Limestone Deep Clean & Restoration Cheltenham

We recently carried out a project on a four storey Georgian property in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

In period houses the original staircases reflect the status of a building and its owner, and the detailing and complexity of the construction often changes as it ascends through the different levels. the grandest sections are usually in the entrances  what visitors see first, very much the same as the architecture to the front  of buildings as opposed to the rear.

The entrance, stairwells and landings had been looking a bit tired for a long while and was in much need of some real tender loving care.

We set to work firstly by removing all of the Paint what seemed like two hundred years worth, this was removed pretty much a layer by layer at a time with some intricate detailing around the balustrades.

Once the majority of the paint was removed we used stone chisels to remove more of the stubborn areas, most of the finishing detail was carried out with a vortex of water and fine granulates to gently abrade the surface and remove the dirt and deposits.

once all coverings were removed from the limestone floors, and staircases we deep cleaned with a high alkaline solution and then nuetralised with an acidic rinse.

It was all sealed and  finished with 6 coats of a long lasting natural impregnator, to protect for many years of foot traffic.




Limestone deep Cleaning Cheltenham
In ground dirt through the walkways, and more painted sides.
A very mucky Limestone entrance hallway.

Once all the paint was removed the detailing can begin
Let the detailing commence.
Stair treads resurfaced.


The Limestone staircase detailing is taking shape.
All finished and sealed
A preserved entrance.

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