Our soft furnishings are some of the largest investments we make in our habitats.

To ensure we get the best from them, we advise the use of a protector.

Spot and Stain Removal

Wherever we can, we endeavour to use the right level of experience and products to remove spots and stains from clients premises. We advise clients on the best way to upkeep their carpets and furnishings for the long term future.

Odour Removal

Once cleaned any remaining severe or deeply engrained stains are treated by hand, the pile is then reset, and your rug rolled and wrapped and delivered back to your door.

Stain Protector

The protector then has a two fold action. One to prevent staining occurring to both fibres and fabrics. The second from allowing soils to lock onto or etch fibres and fabrics.

A good grade of protective agent, such as FIBRERITE achieves this.

We are Authorised Applicators of FIBRERITE, an advanced Polymer-based Treatment that coats the fibres / textile. The benefits include:

  • Protection against both water and oil based stains
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer and allows for greater removal of Particular matter whilst vacuuming.

Static Removal

Static electricity causes more problems in businesses than domestic environments. Even so, we have a range of solutions to reduce these problems.

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