Basalt Stone Cleaning Sealing & Restoration

I don’t like to harp on but I go back to a previous post on the importance of protecting natural stone from hard water, acid & alkaline cleaners, shampoos, soaps etc.

I visited a lovely property yesterday with a beautiful bathroom decked from floor to sealing with Basalt stone, I was horrified with what I found!

The basalt was installed a little over a year ago but has deteriorated so much that it looks like a 20 year old slate tile that has never been cared for!??

Basically the client advised me that the stone was purchased from a leading so say stone specialist which is well known through out the country, they were told that “the stone can’t be sealed / impregnated because it is in a bathroom and that the seal would be washed away”!!????? You can imagine my surprise.

I spent some time with the lady explaining how important it is to protect the stone, so demonstrated with a sample area.

Had the stone been protected on the completion of the tiling, it would still hold some protection now, but instead the entire bathroom needs a full restoration with diamond resurfacing & impregnating a much more costly expense that could have been easily avoided!

Please please please seek advise from a stone restorer before you choose your tiles in a room and take advise of the ease of daily / weekly maintenance, because quite obviously some of the specialist stone suppliers aren’t looking at the whole picture!!

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